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Contact with online mediums, psychics, clairvoyants and fortune tellers 

Information about online mediums, psychics and fortune tellers 

Online mediums and psychics
Online mediums and psychics
You probably came to this website because you were looking for information about mediums online. Or maybe you want to get in touch with a proven medium online? Perhaps you are already familiar with online mediums and online medium sites.

But it could also be that this is the first time you want to contact a medium, clairvoyant, fortune teller or psychic online. You probably have a number of questions and it would be nice if you could get some more information about how online mediums, psychics, fortune tellers and clairvoyants exactly work and what you can expect from them.

Is a medium online really reliable? Can they really be of any help? We are here to answer all these questions. We have tested various medium reading providers and we can also tell you what to look out for and what to take into account when contacting internet mediums. In addition, we will tell you which medium chat site and which medium call site we rate best and why.

Through an online medium site you can safely and quickly come into contact with proven and screened spiritual counselors. You can contact online mediums and psychics with all your questions about love, work, money, relationships, pregnancy, children or to contact a deceased loved one. But of course also for all your questions about spirituality and the paranormal.

Safe and easy contact with a medium or psychic

Contact with a medium through the internet
Contact with a medium through the internet
Via the internet it is very easy to get in touch with mediums and psychics. This is probably also the reason why medium sites are becoming more and more popular. You no longer have to leave the house or even make an appointment to receive a medium reading. Everything can be done easily, quickly and securely via your computer or tablet and even via your telephone. All this makes it very tempting to request a consultation from an online medium.

Everyone has questions about their life or a particular situation that is important at the moment. Mediums and psychics can answer questions about various topics such as work, money, love relationships, pregnancy, children, moving, health and much more. All you have to do is find a reliable medium site, if necessary create an account and then you can directly ask your question to a medium. But is it really all as simple as it seems? Yes, it really can be all that simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing is of course that you contact a reliable medium and not someone who pretends to be a medium but is only out to get your money.

Reliable online mediums and psychics 

Because there are so many providers of online medium consultations these days, it can be difficult to find the best medium website. On most medium websites there are always a few good mediums and less good mediums at work. Many websites hire as many mediums as possible to make as much money as possible. For example, mediums and psychics often pass a screening while they are actually not very experienced and gifted at all. It is therefore possible that you receive a very good consultation from a medium reading provider and that you are not so happy with your consultation the next time. The level of the psychics expertise can be very different.

Mediums and psychics are of course not all the same. So it is important that you look for the best medium site that rigorously screens all psychics and mediums. In addition, it is important that you look for a provider that also places people's experiences on their website. Experiences and reviews are useful so that you can read what other people think of the mediums and the medium consultations. All good medium sites have nothing to hide and will offer this option to their visitors. So you can immediately distinguish the good from the bad websites.

How do I recognize a good online medium?

Reliable mediums and psychics
Reliable mediums and psychics

Fortunately, a good medium is easy to recognize. A good medium is always kind and patient and will almost immediately start stating facts that no one else could have known without knowing you. A good medium or good psychic will never ask many questions. They will usually start giving information on their own. You can immediately see whether the medium or the psychic is really making contact with your energy. A good medium often starts immediately on the subject you have a question about. This is because they sense what is important to you at the moment. Real mediums and psychics will never tell you what to do and will never judge you. If a so-called medium is not nice or is condescending, end the conversation immediately. Real mediums will never do this!

Benefits of contact with a medium

Contact with a medium can be very positive for many people. Mediums and psychics can provide new insights so that someone can get a more positive view of a certain situation. But mediums also offer a listening ear and can give advice on how best to deal with a certain situation. And advice you what is the best next step to take. But mediums are also known for making predictions. Predictions that give people new hope. That's why medium predictions are so popular today. Most people say that they have experienced their consultation as positive. So we are convinced that it can be very useful for many people.

Benefits of contacting an online medium or online psychic

  • You don't have to leave your home to speak to a professional medium 
  • There are no waiting times 
  • Always enough online mediums immediately available 
  • You will receive new insights 
  • You get professional advice 
  • You get answers to burning questions 
  • You get to know yourself better 
  • You can tell your story to someone 
  • You can get a glimpse into the future 
  • A medium can make contact with a deceased loved one 

Disadvantages of contacting a medium online

Although a medium consultation is intended to offer help, there are also a number of things that you should take into account. You may be told something about someone during the consultation that you are not very happy with. You may find out that your partner is cheating or you may hear that your financial worries are not yet over. So keep in mind that mediums do not only share positive information. They will especially be very honest and that includes less nice things.

Disadvantages of contact with a medium or psychic

You may hear less positive information 

Information you have been told may make you restless 

Some people become addicted to contacting mediums and psychics and this costs them a lot of money 

There are also quite a lot of so-called fake mediums online that are only after your money 

The consultations are less personal online. This can be a disadvantage for some people.

So always think carefully before consulting a medium or psychic. Know that a medium can also give you information that might make you less happy. Always keep this in mind.

What is the best online medium chat site?

We have tested many online medium sites and so we have found a site that we have rated as the best. Through this website you can chat cheaply with mediums, psychics, fortune tellers, tarot card readers and clairvoyants in an online chat box. We found all mediums we spoke to via this medium chat very reliable and accurate. In addition, we also recommend this medium chat because they already offer very cheap consultations. You can receive a complete consultation here for just €10! They offer the option to pay via, for example, credit card and PayPal. The consultations are all paid in advance. So you will never be faced with any unwanted surprises. The original site is in Dutch but they also have an English version of the website.

If you are interested in the medium chat, you can immediately create a free account here. You can also immediately get in touch with the medium of your choice. The medium chat is available day and night. Of course you can also read the experiences of other people. This way you can find a medium that is most suitable for your question or problem.

What is the best free online medium site?

There is really only 1  good free medium chat website. This is Oranum.com. They offer unlimited free medium chat with no further obligations. Through this free chat you can get to know the mediums and other consultants well before you enter into a paid consultation. You can also receive free answers and readings during the free chat! Furthermore, they have a great promotion for all new registered users. They can get as much as 10.000 free credits when they create a free account and validate a credit card. No deposit needed! The free credits are good for a free reading up to 15 minutes or even more. (Depending on which reading you want to get).

What is the best medium phone call site?

In addition to finding out which online medium chat is the best, we also searched for the best site offering psychic phone call readings. Of course we looked at the same points here as we did with the medium chat site. We came to the conclusion that there are 2 websites that we found reliable and trustworthy. We have listed them below.

What exactly is a psychic?

What can a psychic do for you
What can a psychic do for you

Everyone has of course heard of the term ''psychic'', but what exactly is a psychic and what can he/she do for you? A psychic is someone who has 1 or more different psychic abilities. Psychics can receive information about a person or situation through their sixth sense. For example, a psychic can receive information about someone's past, present or future. They can see the path you have traveled, where you are at at the moment and even what to expect in your nearby future.

Different ways in which a psychic can receive information

  • Clairvoyance - Someone who is clairvoyant often sees images and visions. Clairvoyance is the most common mediumistic gift. A clairvoyant can see images of the future, the past and the present. But also, for example, seeing colors, numbers and symbols can be a sign of clairvoyance.
  • Clear feeling - Someone who is clearsentient can sense situations or people very well. For example, a clearsentient person can feel exactly how another person is feeling. Or they can sense how a certain situation is going to unfold. Some clearsentient individuals can also literally feel someone's physical pain. In principle, everyone is clear feeling, but not everyone has developed this quality to the extent that he/she can help other people with it.
  • Clear knowing - Someone who knows the outcome of a situation without actually knowing exactly how he received at the information. The information will usually come from someone's higher self or from a guide, for example. 
  • Clear hearing - For example, clairaudient psychics and mediums can hear certain voices or music that other people cannot hear. They do not hear these sounds through their ears but through a voice in their head. This can be their own voice or the voice of, for example, a deceased person.
  • Clear Smelling - A clear-smelling person can smell odors that others cannot. For example, a psychic can smell the favorite perfume of a deceased person during a reading.
  • Clear tasting - A psychic or medium who is also clear tasting can literally get a taste in the mouth during, for example, a reading. For example, a psychic can taste the taste of someones favorite food or drink. 

What exactly is a medium?

What is a medium?
What is a medium?

A medium can have the same gifts as a psychic or a clairvoyant. Only a medium has a gift that a psychic or clairvoyant does not possess. The ability to make contact with deceased persons. A medium is literally in contact with the spiritual world and can therefore see and hear deceased persons. Mediums can communicate with the deceased and thereby also pass on messages to family and friends. 

What exactly is a fortune teller?

Fortune tellers are mainly specialized in making predictions. The name fortune teller comes from the fact that they would speak the truth about someone fortune and future. They should be able to tell you exactly what to expect in the future. A fortune teller often uses tools to make predictions. Commonly used tools are tarot cards or other fortune-telling cards, a glass ball also called a fortune-telling ball, a pendulum or runic stones. But Astrology is also widely used to look into the future.

What exactly is a clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is actually that name for a person who can see clearly with their third eye. They use their third eye to get images or visions. These images can be about someone's past, present or future. Actually, a clairvoyant is the same as a psychic. Both can have different gifts that allow them to offer someone insights, advice and answers to different life questions.

Different reasons to contact an online medium or psychic

Contact met een medium of paragnost
Contact met een medium of paragnost

There are many different reasons for which you can contact a medium. Maybe you have a problem that you don't know a solution for. Or maybe you have a burning question about, for example, your work or a relationship. But it is also possible that you are looking for contact with a deceased loved one. Mediums and psychics can actually help with any problem or question you have in mind. You don't have to worry that your question or problem is strange. Mediums are not there to judge you and an honest pure medium will never do this.

Topics for which you can consult an online medium 

Love, relationships, money, work, children, pregnancy, health, spirituality, moving house, high sensitivity, fears and depression and contact with the deceased. 

Questions that a medium can answer

  • What does my nearby future look like? 
  • What can I expect in the near future? 
  • Does my ex partner still love me? 
  • Is my partner cheating? 
  • Will I still get pregnant this year? 
  • Will my financial situation improve soon? 
  • Does my deceased mother have a message for me? 

These are of course just a few examples of medium questions. As mentioned before, you can contact a medium, clairvoyant, fortune teller or psychic with any question you have in mind. 

Can a medium predict the future?

Psychic mediums, psychics and fortune tellers are known for predicting the future, but are they trustworthy? Our answer to this is: "Yes, it is certainly possible". Many mediums have proven that these days. But what is important to know is that mediums and psychics do not just know everything. They also only receive what is allowed to be passed on by the spiritual world. Sometimes the medium cannot make a prediction in a certain area because the outcome is simply not certain or because it is not for your highst good to already know the outcome. It is also possible that predictions are made that do not come true. This can be for several reasons. It is possible that you have suddenly taken a different path and the outcome of the situation has therefore also changed.

But there are also certain events that are predestined and will come true no matter what. These medium predictions are fixed and set in stone. These are always things have to do with your karma. 

Chat or call with a medium?

Talk to a medium or psychic online
Talk to a medium or psychic online

It doesn't matter if you chat or call with a medium. The consultations will not be very different. It's just what you like best. If you are not that good with computers and can't type that fast, calling a medium may be more appealing to you. But if you want to remain a little more anonymous or if you are at work or are not able to call, chatting can offer you a solution. There could be several reasons why you prefer to call or use the chat. One is not better than the other. It is especially important that you choose what suits you and feels good for you.